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Perhaps no computing technology has been as consistently-compatible and yet cutting edge as PCI Express (PCIe). This Gestalt IT Tech Talk features Richard Solomon of the PCI-SIG discussing the journey of PCI through decades of compatibility and innovation with Stephen Foskett. Uncover the story behind the backbone of modern computing systems and gain insights into the future of PCIe's evolution.

Richard Solomon is the Technical Marketing Manager, PCI Express Controller IP at Synopsys and the Vice President of PCI-SIG. You can connect with Richard on LinkedIn and find out more about Synopsys on their website. Learn more about standardization from PCI-SIG on their website.

Decades of Compatibility and Evolution of PCI Express

PCI is the standard for interconnection of peripherals in modern computers, from portable devices to the datacenter and HPC. This discussion, recorded at the Flash Memory Summit, features Richard Solomon, Technical Marketing Manager at Synopsys, and Stephen Foskett as they explore the remarkable journey of PCI Express (PCIe) and its pivotal role in modern computing systems. With decades of compatibility and innovation under its belt, PCIe has emerged as an essential technology powering seamless data center operations.

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